The Simple PHP Framework

The Sodapop Framework gives you advanced capabilities when you need them and stays out of the way the rest of the time.

  • Model-View-Controller architecture
  • Dynamic and flexible model classes
  • Advanced routing capabilities
  • Support for themes

Why Sodapop?

Over the past few years many new frameworks have emerged, each bringing with them a different design and philosophy. Sodapop was built as a reaction to this, and is an attempt to incorporate the best features while still staying fairly minimalist. It has several core principles:

  • Code should be well-organized; everything should be easily discoverable if one knows the basics of the framework.
  • Boilerplate code is unnecessary. Let computers handle the repetitive stuff, they enjoy it more.
  • Convention over configuration. You shouldn't have to state everything explicitly, but you can override defaults.
  • A framework should get out of the way and not make you change your style.

The framework is easy to learn but not made for absolute beginners. It assumes some prior PHP (or programming) experience. That said, if you have the desire to learn it will return dividends quickly.

Install via Composer

To add Sodapop to your project, add it to the require section of the project's composer.json file.

require: {

Version 0.9.0

via Github, ~31kb

A Quick (and Complete) Example

The Controller: /controllers/PostController.php

The Layout: /layouts/layout.php

The View: /views/post/view.php

In most cases, Sodapop doesn't require models to be defined, so we're good to go!